Rules of our School

1.Students should bring the Handbook to school everyday

2.Students should participate fully in all the activities of the school

3.Coming late to School is strictly not allowed.

4.Students should come in clean and neat school uniform.

5.Students should submit leave letter to the class teacher, when he/she comes back to school after the leave.

6.Students should not absent themselves during examinations.

7.The Parents should attend the PTA meetings and meet the Class Teacher and the Subject Teachers with their child.

8.The progress of the student is based on the overall performance of the student and not on studies alone.

9.Only English must be spoken on the school premises to acquire fluency in the language.

10.Students should cultivate loyalty and devotion to home, school and country.

11.Results declared at the end of the year are final in all cases and will not be reconsidered.

12.During the school hours parents can meet the students only with the Principal’s permission.