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At MCC Public School we believe that school clubs play an important role in children’s development because they provide them with opportunities to undertake activities that they might not have access to. They also develop the children’s social and physical development progressing to team achievements therefore inspiring children to have higher aspirations.
The clubs were officially inaugurated on 5th July 2019 by the correspondent of the school Mr.G.J.Manohar. The clubs of MCC Public school are English, Math, Science, Computer, Eco, Heritage and Health & Wellness club.
The day started with a word of prayer followed by the school song sung by the school choir. The program was anchored by Ms. Swapna Grace our English teacher. Our beloved correspondent Mr.G.J.Manohar addressed the students with encouraging words and guidance. The club in-charges briefed about their respective clubs.
The club inauguration was held with great grandeur and splendor, to entice the young minds to spring up and accomplish various co-scholastic areas of interest and excellence. The club activities enhances the students’ creativity and make them understand the concept in deeper way. Moreover, the students learn to work and participate in a team, and it becomes a learning beyond curriculum.
It’s not the end. It’s just a beginning. Someone has rightly said, “Well begun is half done”. Here, in the days to come we have package of various activities to enhance the potential of the students.

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